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"It is said that if you try to place a frog in boiling water, it will immediately leap out, but if you place it in cold water and bring it very, very slowly to the boil it won't notice the danger until it is too late. And it will die. I don't know if anyone has ever literally tried this experiment - I certainly hope they have not - but you get the picture. We are all a bit like boiling frogs ....."

Most of us know by now that there's an urgent need for us folk in the West to simplify our lives, slow down, buy less stuff and live more lightly on the Earth, in order to avoid environmental meltdown.
We also know that living more simply would probably bring us better health, lowered stress, much deeper life satisfaction and accelerated spiritual growth. (not to mention fewer repair bills  and a lot less dusting).

 But how to achieve that? It sounds great, but it's easier said than done. For there are many factors  - some of which we are not even aware of - which keep us tied to our treadmills, hooked on our habits, overworking, over-consuming, stressing out, dashing about and burning out.

This inspirational and beautifully crafted little  book - written by a psychotherapist who has personally explored many different forms of simple living - uncovers those hidden dynamics. Through a skilful blend of explanations, poetic musings, humorous anecdotes and self-help exercises, she leads the reader towards a deeper understanding of the principles of simplicity and the creation of an individually-tailored plan of action. The book also includes other useful resources for the would-be simplifier.
" Simple living," Marian says, ".. is delight-filled living."
In seven steps, she will take you there.

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