It would be great to have  clickable links on this website so that you could e-mail me directly. Unfortunately, with the huge increase in spam (which now accounts for a massive 80% of all e-mail!) and an influx of pesky viruses, I have had to set up very stringent filters. You can still e-mail me. I love to receive messages from readers, and will always reply. But you will have to type my address into your e-mail and insert the "at" sign manually (please make sure you spell "marian" with an "a" and not an "o" or your message will bounce)
       ...and put the code OKLPM at the beginning of your subject line
(see below).

1. By "snail mail
Marian Van Eyk McCain
C/- Findhorn Press
The Park
Forres IV36 3TY

2. By e-mail 

Address your message to:
and put the letters OKLPM at the beginning of your subject line (This stands for "OK Lilypad Message" and it will get you through my filters).

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