7 steps to the simple life

here's a page of Web resources for simple living

Ecological Footprint Quiz
click on the 'my footprint' site to measure your own ecological footprint online
Carbon Balancing with the aid of  the World Land Trust
Offset your carbon emissions and contribute to global conservation with the World Land Trust.
This is a conservation charity that has helped purchase and protect over 300,000 acres of rainforest and other threatened wildlife habitats worldwide.
£25 Protects One Acre of rainforest or steppe in a REAL Place, FOREVER. 
Take Back your Time

TAKE BACK YOUR TIME is a major U.S./Canadian initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and relationships, our communities and our environment.

How to green just about anything in your life.
The Good Life

Two of the most famous names in simple, organic living and alternative building techniques are Helen and Scott Nearing. Helen, who survived her husband by twelve years, died in 1995 at the age of 91. (He had lived to be 100). Forest Farm, their last homestead on Penobscot Bay in Harborside, Maine, USA, is open for visitors throughout the year.
Tour the Nearings' organic gardens and their last hand-built stone home. Admission is free.
Clay & Judy Woods
If you have read The Lilypad List, you will have heard of Clay and Judy Woods and probably given yourself their "Woods Test" (page 103)
Now here's the URL of their website. You will find heaps more good stuff there

Seattle Community

A website all about living lightly on the Earth - with lots of good links and resources
Cultural Creatives
If you decided, from the checklist on page 128 of The Lilypad List, that you, too, are among the many millions of people whom Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson would call a "Cultural Creative", here's their website, which is all about people like you.
Green Spirituality

'GreenSpirit'A network of people who celebrate the human spirit in the context of our place in the natural world and Earth's own evolutionary journey.
Powers of Ten

(as discussed on page 115 of The Lilypad List)
You will find this website, with its amazing journey all the wayfrom the outer edges of the Milky Way right down to the sub-atomic particles in a leaf at:

Green Providers Directory

The UK's leading resource for finding green, organic and fair trade products and services. It's a not-for-profit directory whose aim is to encourage more people to buy from ethical and sustainable sources. All the companies listed  have been vetted so that you can be sure of their eco-friendly credentials. They also provide information and advice on a range of green issues.

Sally Lever

Website of sustainable living coach, Sally Lever. Sally will send you a FREE report: 'Decluttering Paperwork the Sustainable Way" when you sign up for her monthly newsletter, which is free and contains articles on downshifting, home-based work and education, and sustainable living.

Bruce Elkin
Bruce Elkin: Life Coaching for Simplicity, Success, and Sustainability.  
20 years experience.  International clientele.  Author of 'Simplicity and Success', 'Emotional Mastery', and 'Barriers to Real Success'.
Free info package and 45-minute consultation.  Skype me!

Marigold Lane

Marigold Lane is about environmentally friendly choices--natural and organic instead of synthetic or petroleum based ingredients--for you and your family, including clothing, personal care items, cleaning products, gardening, home décor, food and beverages, and recreation and leisure.

The National Geographic Green Guide
Your source for green living tips, product reviews and environmental health updates and advice.

The Green Guide (UK)
With more than 12,500 listings in its database, the Green Guide is the most comprehensive source of green, natural and ethical businesses and organisations in the UK. It is the directory for planet-friendly living.

Ecology Begins at Home

Ecology Begins at Home
Download this free e-book by Archie Duncanson on all aspects of living simply and in harmony with the environment. Full of useful, practical tips. A wonderful resource from a generous writer.

A way of helping ordinary people in other countries to get out of poverty through micro-loans. Well worth supporting.
'The Story of Stuff'

A twenty-minute, fast-paced, informative video about our consumer society.
The Story of Stuff

What a cool, green idea!
Do you (or does your company) need to ship something somewhere? Shiply helps you find a space on a lorry or van that is already going there. Match yourself up with UK couriers & delivery companies already making trips around the UK and the rest of Europe

...and here is another, similar resource for combining couriers' loads and saving money for the customer in the process:
Be Green Minded
       Learn how to lower your carbon footprint
If you come across other websites devoted to simple, green living, be sure and let me know.
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