Marian Van Eyk McCain. BSW (Melbourne), MA, East-West Psychology (C.I.I.S. San Francisco) writes on a number of subjects, including wellness, stress-management, psychology, personal development, women and eldering, green spirituality, environmental issues, organic food production and alternative technology.

Born in 1936, she has sun in Cancer, moon Aquarius, Sag. rising. She's an Enneagram #1 (2 wing) and a Myers-Briggs INFJ. She is the author of eight print books and her articles appear in a wide range of magazines. She edits several newsletters, is Co-Editor of the GreenSpirit Journal and manages a book review website (and for several years also supplied a Books in Brief column for Resurgence, flagship of the 'small is beautiful' movement).

She also enjoys writing poetry and short stories, for which she has won several awards.Originally a social worker, and then for many years a transpersonal psychotherapist, a workshop leader and a holistic health educator, Marian now concentrates on writing, and environmental activism. She has lived and worked on four continents and still travels often - mostly overland - but spends the rest of her time in a tiny, eighteenth century cottage near the sea in Devon, England with her partner, Sky, where she lives a simple lifestyle and practises everything she preaches (...well, tries to, anyway).

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